Say Goodbye to Nasty Odors For Good

The only natural & chemical-free odor killer of its kind.

Introducing GloveStix & StankStix –the patent-pending, 100% natural, non-toxic inserts that remove AND prevent nasty odors FAST.

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Place GloveStix or StankStix inside anything that stinks and let it do the rest. Be amazed as the nasty odor fades away and never comes back.

Safe for everyone!

Safe for the entire family and pets. Say goodbye to toxic chemical sprays! GloveStix and StankStix are made with plant-based essential oils and 100% natural ingredients.

The Secret Ingredient

Silver has natural antimicrobial properties that are proven to stop 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth and destroy odors FAST. GloveStix and StankStix are infused with this powerful, natural ingredient (and other plant-based oils) that work faster and better than anything you’ve ever seen.

Lasts for a DECADE

GloveStix and StankStix sticks will last for 3,650 days. No need to buy new stix… just replace the inserts every season for optimum performance.

Bye Bye Smells

Small and powerful, GloveStix and StankStix are perfect for: shoes/boots, sports equipment, garbage cans, cars, gym bags, lunch boxes, kitchen cabinets, cat litters, and more!

No masking!

GloveStix and StankStix will NOT mask or replace the odor with other “smells” (e.g. rose bush or cedar tree) like other chemical-filled products. They simply neutralize the smell so it just smells clean again.

"These are amazing! We have tried lots of products for our daughters basketball shoes and softball cleats and volleyball shoes. These are now in all their sports shoes and bags!! Love them."

- Lori


"They are an ESSENTIAL part of my son's equipment bag. As a lacrosse player he leaves each practice and game soaked in sweat. In the past, this presented the usual problem of bacteria resulting in stink and making his gear frankly kind of gross to wear and use. NOW after each event the sticks go right in!"

- Eric

"I bought this product to use in my golf shoes to keep them fresh. They are awesome. I would definitely recommend this product for any sports equipment."

- Rick


When protective gear for sports and all types of shoes, cleats and boots are saturated with sweat from use, bacteria and mildew will grow and produce an unpleasant odor. The Antimicrobial plastic used in our Stix contains Silver Seal™ Technology, it will inhibit 99.9% of all odor-causing bacteria growth, on the product surface, in 24 hours while also destroying the odor it causes. The antimicrobial additive is all natural, non toxic and the safe alternative to those harsh chemical sprays with a 10 year life span.


Perfect for new or used gear and hard to clean athletic gear including gloves, pads, shoes, skates, boots and cleats; Great for lacrosse, hockey, boxing, football, baseball, soccer, dance gear and more.


Our Stix are made with safe non toxic ingredients and they work fast. The Stix do not mask the smell, they work hard to neutralize it!
Its easy as…
Stix In…Stink Out!

Wondering what the difference is between GloveStix and StankStix?

StankStix and GloveStix have the same exact technology, the only difference is the StankStix come with 2 extra end caps so you can remove the handle. You may use them with the handle on or remove it to create two individual Stix that will go all the way down to the foot area of a taller shoe or boot. The GloveStix come with a removable clip designed to secure the wrist guards of gloves or shoelaces on shoes.

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What's Inside

One Set of Glovestix contains:
2 Sticks - 2 Deodorizing Insert Bags - Durable Handle - Removable clip
One Set of StankStix contains:
2 Sticks - 2 Deodorizing Insert Bags - Durable Removable Handle - 2 Extra End Caps
Fits Most:
Adult and child size shoes · cleats · boots ·skates · athletic gloves ·helmets ·arm pads ·knee pads· laundry baskets ·gym bags and more.