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by Marketing EvenDigit November 30, 2022 3 min read

There's nothing better than summertime until someone's stinky shoes stink up the place. The ~250,000 sweat glands on your feet produce up to a half-pint of sweat daily.

Smelly shoes are among the most embarrassing social humiliations. Even the most hygienic people develop shoe odor. Fortunately, help is available for those who want to know how to get rid of smelly shoes.

Some of the best-known and proven ways for shoe smell remover

Thankfully, it is easy to get rid of stinky shoe odor and create a stench-free environment. Check out these effective ways on how to remove the smell from shoes, so you don't have to live another moment with stinky shoes.

Rubbing alcohol
Rubbing alcohol is not only antiseptic, but it also evaporates quickly. In fact, due to its quick evaporation, it also helps other types of moisture, like sweat, dry out too.

Give your shoes a wondrous mist of bacteria-killing, odor-eliminating rubbing alcohol by spraying it inside. You may even be able to use the shoes again after this procedure.

A bar of soap
With its porous nature, the soap absorbs odors and leaves behind a fresh, clean scent. (You can try this method for any spare soap bars in your cupboard or closet!)

Place a bar of soap inside each of your two shoes overnight and witness how amazing this is in and of itself.
best way to remove odor from shoes
Cotton balls
Put a few drops of essential oils on cotton balls and place them inside the shoes overnight. A citrus scent, such as lemon oil, would be great!

Unless you like the smell of your feet stuffed in wool socks all day more than citrus scents, no one has ever said that.
best way to get rid of shoe odor
Dryer sheets
In the same way, if you like the scent of a fresh dryer sheet on your clothes, you'll love it on your stinky shoes. Put one or two good-quality dryer sheets in your shoes and go to sleep. The refreshing scent of not sweaty feet will wake you up in the morning.

StankStix by GloveStix
Put StankStix in the shoes and other sports equipment after practice or a game. The StankStix will absorb moisture, deodorize, and prevent the formation of hazardous microorganisms.

StankStix neutralizes the odor rather than just concealing it! The product is completely non-toxic and safe. There is no other shoe smell remover on the market like this award-winning proprietary best shoe odor eliminator.
how to make stinky shoes smell better
Baking soda
Stuff your shoes with newspaper to absorb wetness and odors, then fill them with baking soda. Shake out the excess powder after several hours or overnight, then vacuum your shoes. Baking soda is the best way to get rid of stinky shoes it absorbs odors and removes them.

Charcoal briquettes
One can use the charcoal briquettes for much more than just grilling burgers. Stuff your shoes overnight with charcoal briquettes or cedar shavings. As you wake up, you'll find your surroundings smelling much more pleasant than the gym-shoe-sweat-smell you left on your bedroom floor.

Conclusion: Deal with smelly shoes by removing foul odors!

No one likes to breathe in unpleasant shoe odors. It is not only unhygienic, but it also lowers your self-esteem. Your shoes' sweaty surfaces attract bacteria that produce odors.

Don't let smelly shoes embarrass you. The removal of excess moisture and halting of the growth of bacteria is achieved by giving your shoes a day off. Follow these steps to prevent smelly shoes before you discard your old running shoes.

Some of the best shoe odor eliminators have been revealed, and you now know the best way to remove odor from shoes without actually showing them the way out).

So, what are you waiting for? Take that next step and rush to get your StankStix today!
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