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GloveStix and StankStix are an award winning and patented odor management system. When placed into your gloves, shoes or more after practice or games they will absorb harmful moisture, eliminate odors and inhibit 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth on the product surface for a 10 yr period!

Our StinkStix are designed to easily insert into the gloves and shoes when not in use. A deodorizing and moisture absorbing bag within the tubes, quickly and effectively remove harmful moisture. These bags are removable and replaceable allowing you to change the bags without purchasing a new set of GloveStix. The fresh scented insert should be replaced every 90 days for optimum performance.

When your protective gloves and shoes are saturated with sweat from frequent use, bacteria and mildew grow. The StinkStix are infused with Silver Seal™ Technology, it has been shown to inhibit 99.9% of all odor-causing bacteria growth, on the product surface, while also destroying the odor it causes. The antimicrobial additive is all natural, non toxic and the safe alternative to those harsh chemical sprays with a 10 year life span.

Are your favorite sports gloves or shoes stinky? That smell is from the bacteria that feeds on the humid air inside your gloves and shoes. Every time you sweat, that odor increases. Using StinkStix regularly helps eliminate this before it happens! The fresh scented insert should be replaced approximately every 90 days but the Silver Seal Technology has a 10 year life span. No need to buy new stix… just replace the inserts every season for optimum performance .


99.9% effective against harmful odor-causing bacteria!

Why Choose GloveStix?

99.9% of odor-causing bacteria reduction in 24 hours…

Each GloveStix set has replaceable deodorizing and moisture absorbing bags in the perforated tubes. To further inhibit odor-causing bacteria growth and destroy odors, SilverSeal™ technology infuses the plastic used in our StinkStix with silver ions. Silver and certain other metals have natural antimicrobial properties. GloveStix infused with SilverSeal™ has been shown to inhibit 99.9% of staph and ecoli growth, on the product surface, over a 24hr period. SilverSeal™ antimicrobial additives are 100% safe and non toxic EPA registered, FDA listed and REACH compliant solutions.