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Krista has been in the Sales/Customer Service and Training industry since she was a teen so this is something completely new and different for her. As a mother of 3 athletic children she has dealt with “The STINK” for many years but it wasn’t until her youngest child became an avid lacrosse player that it became serious. “I remember I was spraying down my sons gloves, AGAIN, with another brand of some chemical spray and I just couldn’t stop thinking… this isn’t right, this cant be healthy for him!” She had researched for years how to get them to stop smelling so funky and she had tried everything…nothing worked. Finally she decided to invent something herself. “I wanted something that was safe, I didn’t want these chemicals touching the kids hands”. So on a long ride home from another hot and stinky lacrosse tournament GloveStix was born. As soon as she got home Krista, and her husband Chris, went to work on prototypes and testing.

With absolutely no experience in manufacturing, logistics, ecommerce or product development, only pure drive to solve a problem, Krista brought GloveStix to market in less than a year of the idea coming about. “It was a lot of hard work and jumping through hoops but I knew I had something amazing and I knew people would love it.” Krista relied heavy on her friends, family and personal relationships with others in order to make this dream become a reality. “Everyone pitched in to helped, it was incredible, and still is. I am a very lucky lady!” She said.

Since June 2015, when the GloveStix became a real product for sale Krista has been non-stop. “Even with winning 3 awards in the past year, going on National Television and QVC, its still an uphill battle. Every day running your own business comes with its challenges. The larger you become the bigger the challenges, you just get better at dealing with them and trusting yourself. It is an incredible adventure for sure!”



Chris has been in the sales and management field since his early twenties but was born with the gift of creativity. He never really got much of a chance to tap into that gift, well unless you count the numerous kids school projects he would “help” them with, until GloveStix. Chris has been hands on with the development and creative efforts concerning GloveStix. He not only built the first ever GloveStix prototype but he also designed the Logo. He has been a huge support person to his wife, Krista, during the many ups and downs of bringing a product from conception to production and is the “calm in the midst of chaos” in the Woods Household. “I have a full time job but I do my best to support Krista as much as I can. Most of the time she uses me to carry the heavy stuff but when we do travel to tournaments or shows on the weekends we try to have a lot of fun too. Some times we work 35-42 days in a row without a day off but you do what you have to do when starting a new business. At least we like to laugh a lot and if we have to spend the weekends working, we do it together.”