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by Marketing EvenDigit September 15, 2022 3 min read

You played, won, and now it's time to remove your sports equipment. Yeah, you got it - that stinky odor due to sweat, ugh! 

It becomes much more humiliating when you're in the locker room or elsewhere with the people around you.

The inner voice suddenly evokes - how to get rid of glove and shoe odor?

The gloves used in lacrosse and hockey, shoes, boots, cleats, arm pads, knee pads, helmets, and other gear stink for days and is impossible to remove.

Are you looking for a solution? Stay tuned till the end of our blog, and you will learn how to remove the smell from shoes and other sports gear.

What is the objective of GloveStix and Stankstix?

GloveStix and Stankstix are a pair of tube-like products devised and engineered to remove foul odors from sports equipment caused by bacterial aggregation.

This soothing tool works in three ways: it kills the germs present and deodorizes. It eliminates the moisture that produces future bacteria. Both the stix’s are resistant to 99.9% of hazardous microorganisms for ten years. 

The outer surface of these Stix is made of liquid plastic. It is laced with non-toxic Silver Seal technology, which utilizes the natural antibacterial characteristics of silver ions to dissolve bacteria cell walls. 

There are insert bags inside the tubes that capture moisture and trap it inside them to prevent the growth of germs that cause odors.

Why is GloveStix a new way to get rid of whiff?

It is always tough to remove the smell from gloves and shoes and to get rid of the odor; people usually wash their gear, which results in early replacement and expenditure. Glovestix will help you avoid wasting both time and money.

After practice or a game, just put the stix into the gloves, shoes, and other sports equipment and leave them there. The Glovestix will absorb moisture, deodorize, and prevent the formation of hazardous microorganisms.

GloveStix comes with a clip that keeps the Stix attached to your gloves or athletic bag.

Glovestix does more than merely conceal the odor; it works hard to neutralize it! They are entirely safe and non-toxic. It is an award-winning proprietary deodorizer and odor management system, the most unique boot odor remover tool on the market.

Glovestix - best odor eliminator

Another way to defeat whiff - StankStix?

After a gym session, you typically shower and throw your wet workout clothes into your gym bag. Bacteria adhere to your gym bag, gloves, and sneakers. This scenario explains why your clothes still stink after you take them out.

StankStix and GloveStix employ the same technology; what sets them apart is that StankStix comes with two additional end caps so you can remove the handle. 

You may use them with the handle or remove them to create two individual Stix. It will become convenient to place down the Stix to the foot area of a more high-heeled shoe or boot.

The distinct stix makes it easier to operate. If you utilize two big bags or need more flexibility, Stanstix is the way to go.

Stankstix - shoe smell remover

Conclusion - Stop Getting Called Stinky - Use Glovestix!

Nobody likes to endure unpleasant odors. In addition to being unhygienic, it lowers your self-esteem. It's produced mainly by odor-causing bacteria that thrive on dampness and adhere to the surfaces of objects you use.

You now have the best way to remove odor from your sports accessories and a perfect answer to the question of "how to get rid of stinky shoes?".

And you know your next step: get your Glovestix and Stankstix from the official website!

Marketing EvenDigit
Marketing EvenDigit

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