Embrace The Hard!

This memory of these pics popped up in my news feed. It was 3 years ago in April that we started filming a kick starter video for glovestix. I didn’t even have product yet... just a prototype but I remember how excited I felt!! I was inventing something... what the heck?! That so insane!

I had no idea what the future held, how many obstacles I was going to face or the amazing things I was about to accomplish but I just knew... it was going to be fun so of course, I was being silly on set! THIS IS ME! I am silly! I have to be honest, sometimes I have forgotten how much fun it was... just being able to enjoy the “unknown” and not really caring if I am awesome or not... I was just enjoying the process! It’s amazing how all that can change and now, it’s all so serious. The larger you grow, the more serious it becomes.

So many things happen behind the scenes that make it much harder then I ever imagined. Sometimes those hard things... take the fun out of it but why do I let it?! It’s suppose to be hard... right?! If it’s not hard, then the victory is not worth celebrating. Overcoming obstacles and challenging ourselves to new heights can not only be hard... but also FUN!! Today... I am bringing the fun back and I am also going to EMBRACE THE HARD! I hope you join me...