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by Marketing EvenDigit June 28, 2022 3 min read

Do you know?

The most important piece of equipment to carry in a ring are your boxing gloves. Keep them clean for longing for their use.

Many times after the boxing sessions, your boxing gloves can get smelly. After a training session, you get tired and keep them anywhere. When you leave your gloves without drying, bacteria start making them smelly.

Boxers - pros, training, or hobbyists, all face a bad time due to this bad stink. For a pleasant experience after your training session, cleanliness matters a lot. It's imperative to follow correct training methods. This will keep the gloves clean, increasing their life and keeping you motivated.

What Will Help You In Keeping Gloves Odor Free?

Washing machines and other laundry equipment will not deodorize your gloves. For that, you need to take some measures to make the boxing gloves smell-free and clean. The measures can include:

1. Wash Your Hands Before Wearing A Boxing Glove

It is an essential measure. Use some cleaning reagents like soap, sanitizer, or a hand wash.

2. Take Out Your Boxing Gloves Frequently

This helps in airing out your gloves and keeping them sweat-, moist-, and bacteria-free. However, never expose them to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight damages your boxing gloves, affecting their quality.

3. Use Antibacterial Techniques To Deodorize Your Gloves

There are many anti-bacterial tools and chemicals in the market. Glovestix is one such. It's a small stick with a deodorizing reagent. When kept in your gloves, it shows magical results.

You can get them and kiss the bad stink goodbye. They help in getting rid of bad smell and also promote good hand health.

4. Store The Gloves Properly

Have a proper place to keep your gloves after your practice. Put your gloves in a clean bag, or put deodorizing agent. For healthy habits, always keep more than one pair, so your gloves get some time to dry on a regular basis.

What Is In Glovestix That Makes It So Good?

A pack of Glovestix has two Glovestix sticks, a durable handle, two deodorizing insert bags, and a removable chip. Altogether, this, when it comes as a single kit, helps you in the below-listed ways:

Silver Ions

It is made of antimicrobial plastic treated with Silver Ion technology which has a lifespan of 10 years. The powerful reagent starts reducing 99.9% of smell, causing bacteria growth within just 24 hours of keeping it.


It is durable and made of Paracord, a lightweight nylon rope originally used for parachute suspension lines.

Replaceable Inserts

You only need to twist and push it a little to replace it with a new one. Since the sticks are available separately, so you don't end up making unwanted investments every time you need a change.

Good for Health

These are chemical-free and have moisture-absorbing bags gently scented with essential oils from plants. Since all components are made from natural products, they won’t take a toll on your health.

Removable Chip

You can remove the chip and use both sticks as two to keep them in two places at once. It is perfect even to put in kitchen or bed cabinets.

So, It’s Fair To Say, Glovestix Makes Gloves Odor Free

Glovestix was invented to give our kids freedom and confidence even after a sweaty training session. We hope the same for you. We have tried excelling the product development and take pride in our 30-Day money-back guarantee.

But still, if you feel like we are not there yet, we will refund your full amount, no strings attached!

Marketing EvenDigit
Marketing EvenDigit

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