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by Marketing EvenDigit July 13, 2022 3 min read

You keep trying everything to get rid of that unbearable and awful stink from your gloves and shoes. Still, it doesn't go away. Have you tried Glovestix and Stankstix ever? If not, give it a chance, and the final results will blow your mind!

Glovestix and Stankstix are odor management tools specifically designed for your gloves and shoes. Use these amazing products to absorb moisture, eliminate odor, and prevent 99.9% odor-causing bacteria growth for 10 years!

What is Glovestix

It is a set of two plastic tubes with Silver Seal Technology, with a permanent, durable handle made of paracord and a removable clip that you can use through wrist guards of the gloves and shoelaces of the shoes and can be removed entirely if not needed, and two replaceable inserts (bags).

These tiny Glovestix with Silver Seal technology reduces the risk of odor causing bacteria from your boxing/sports gloves. Its deodorizing and moisture absorbing bags (Stix) are lightly scented with natural essential oils and give better results when replaced every 3 months.

Glovestix makes athletic gear less stinky. When placed in gloves, its deodorizers absorb moisture and eliminate odor.

What is Stankstix

Stankstix and Glovestix use the same technology, but the only difference is that Stankstix comes with two extra end caps and a removable handle to use the Stix separately in taller boots and kid's shoes.

One of the best smelly shoe solutions is Stankstix. It keeps your sports gears, skates, boots, cleats, hockey, boxing, and soccer gear clean and odor free. Stankstix does not hide the smell. The Silver Seal technology fights the odor-causing bacteria, absorbs moisture, and prevents odor-causing bacteria growth.

The Silver Seal Technology used in Stankstix and Glovestix is all-natural, non-toxic, and free from harmful chemicals, so these are safe for regular use.

Use of Glovestix

How you can use Glovestix

To use Glovestix, insert the Glovestix inside your gloves when you are not using them, adjust it in any one finger of the glove, then the same goes with the other Stix. Now, use the wrist guard cord to remove one end, take it through the wrist guard, and reattach it. And, if you want to remove the cord completely, detach it from both the ends.

Uses of Glovestix

The uses of Glovestix are not limited to only Gloves. Its specialty in absorbing moisture, fighting odor-causing bacteria, and impeding the bacterial growth makes it useful for many purposes, such as a boot deodorizer, a gym bag deodorizer, a kid's shoe deodorizer. You can use it in the dark kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and lockers.

Use of Stankstix

How you can use Stankstix

To use the Stankstix, put both the Stix into the shoes until you use them again. The Stankstix (previously Shoestix) comes with a removable handle. You can remove the handle by removing the caps attached to the handle. Then you can use the other pair of caps with the original packaging. Now, you can use both the Stix separately.

Uses of Stankstix

There are multiple uses of Stankstix. This odor management tool can remove the stink from your athletic gloves, skates, shoes, boots, cleats, gym bags, and more because it works on all athletic equipment. Change the inserts every 3 months for better results.


So, your wait is over if you have been looking for a reliable solution for smelly shoes or stinky gloves. Use Stankstix and Glovestix to get rid of the unpleasant and embarrassing smell and see the results within 24 hours of use.

Marketing EvenDigit
Marketing EvenDigit

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