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by Marketing EvenDigit January 17, 2023 3 min read

You don't realize what you were doing to your feet when you climbed mountains, hiked, or conquered switchbacks at the time. When you get home and remove your shoes, the smell fills you with horror. It can't possibly be coming from your shoes, can it? You hope no one is nearby.

The time comes when you wonder – “how to clean smelly hiking boots” and “how to get smell out of hiking boots”. And as the mother of sports-playing and adventure-loving kids, I know a thing or two about the best way to clean hiking boots.

My hiking boots always stink - WHY?

The unique fabric of a hiking outfit can harbor bacteria and mold as you trudge through nature. As sweat and stale air accumulate on the fabric, bacteria and mold begins to grow.

Hiking boots are often left wet when crossing rivers or hiking through muddy trails, allowing mold and bacteria to grow and causing odors.

The odor of waterproof boots tends to be worse due to how they trap moisture. Luckily, you can clean waterproof and non-waterproof boots to prevent odors. But the question is, "how to clean hiking boots smell after every hiking trip?".

How to get the smell out of hiking boots?

To eliminate odors in hiking boots, rub them with enzyme-based odor removers. Once that's done, air your boots thoroughly after each adventure to prevent odors from returning.

Essential oils for persistent smells

Listed below are the best essential oils for eliminating odors. Each of these oils has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria and odor.


Not only does it kill harmful bacteria, but it also smells great. It is considered the most effective oil for fighting illness due to its antimicrobial properties.


Aromatherapy essential oils are versatile and can be used for various purposes, and they have fresh, clean scents that can prevent household odors.


This oil has antimicrobial properties, is refreshing, making you feel energized, relaxed, and focused.

Tea Tree Oil

Antimicrobial oils promote a healthy home environment and good health and eliminate bad odors in areas of the house prone to mold and mildew.


There's nothing that can beat its antimicrobial properties for neutralizing odors. It's great for neutralizing bad smells in the trash can because of its spicy scent.


A few drops of this oil will freshen up your house and keep your clothes smelling fresh. It has a very pleasant scent and is very strong so you won't need much of it.


The oil's pleasant fragrance makes it suitable for any season. It can also freshen your carpet by mixing baking soda with it.

Does vinegar or baking soda work on shoe odor?

An enzyme-based shoe odor remover is best when removing shoe odor from hiking boots. If you are deodorizing hiking boots made of leather or suede, you may need to avoid using baking soda or vinegar. Baking soda may work if you have leather or suede shoe. You should avoid it if you are deodorizing hiking boots made of leather or suede because it can brittle them.

You should always use shoe odor removers or soap and water whenever possible, as vinegar can sometimes work but often can damage your shoes.

Wrapping Up

Spray an odor eliminator designed for boots on your boots after each hike to keep them smelling great. You can remove the insoles of your boots to keep them odor-free so that mold cannot grow.

Hiking boots can be deodorized in several ways. The biggest challenge is finding time to do it. 

StankStix is as easy as unpacking and putting it in the shoes. Next time you plan a hiking trip, your hiking adventures will be stench-free. Buy now and put them in to have smell-free shoes.

Marketing EvenDigit
Marketing EvenDigit

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