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by Marketing EvenDigit November 11, 2022 3 min read

It's a nice day, and you are ready to put on your new clothes to go out. Wait, what, they're washed and kept - but still smelling?

It's not because of the fabric material or the detergent, but the culprit here is your wardrobe.

Even if you use perfumes and deodorants, that musty smell never disappears from clothes. But how do you remove odor from the closet?

Let's get to the bottom of it, find an effective solution, and explore the best closet odor eliminator.

Why Do Closets Smell Musty?

Before directly jumping to the best closet odor eliminator, let us identify what can be the reason behind this unpleasant scenario. Some of the possibilities behind smelly closets or wardrobes include:

  • Dirty clothes and shoes kept in a closet
  • Moisture and mildew due to the climate
  • Poor ventilation within the closest or in a room
  • Continued dampness on nearby surfaces or floors
  • Leaking or damp wall attached to closet

There can be many reasons, and some may need help to be identified. So it is always a clever move to use a closet odor absorber so as not to let your impression ruin due to that smell.

Again the same question, how? Let's find out.

How To Remove Odor From The Closet?

To search for a solution or find a closet smell remover, people start browsing the internet, experimenting with unsuccessful ways, and giving up.

Some suggestions mention keeping baking soda for a year to remove the closet smell. Can you wait for this much?

It would be great if baking soda is used for its real purpose, as by the name, not as a wardrobe smell remover or as a closet smell eliminator.

5 Brilliant Ways To Keep Closets Fresh

Here we are sharing five clever ways to help you get rid of your closet smell.
closet odor eliminator

  • Clean Clothes Basket/Hamper In Regular Intervals

The basket and hampers absorb the smell of dirty clothes within them. It will be good to wash them at regular intervals.

  • Use Air Fresheners

Although it may be a temporary solution, using air fresheners at regular intervals will help not to let the musty smell flourish in the closet.

  • Clean Your Closets Frequently

Wiping from top to bottom, including shelves and cabinets with natural cleansers and essential oils, will help greatly. Get rid of the clothes or other items that are not in use.

  • Identify The Problem

Identifying the root cause will help you take the right steps instead of experimenting. You can check out "Why Do Closets Smell Musty?" section above for reference to identify.

  • Use The Best Closet Odor Eliminator

Using the best closet odor absorber will ensure the best results. It will help you to absorb moisture and smell-causing bacteria from the closet.

How To Eliminate Odor with Odor Management System?

Although many closet smell removers are available, we share the best among all that will work wonders for you.

It's named the StankStix. It gets easily placed into your smelly clothes, baskets, hampers, gloves, shoes, or more.

It is a patented odor management system that absorbs harmful moisture, eliminates odor, and inhibits 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth on the product surface for 10 years!

Tips for Using Stankstix to Remove Closet Odors

Identify the smelly item causing the bad odor, whether it's shoes, gloves, laundry baskets, gym bags, or other equipment. Keep the stix inside of them to automatically deodorize the smell.

It comes in a pair of stix and can be easily disconnected to use separately. It will quickly absorb moisture, eliminate the odor, and inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. StankStix is proven as one of the best and very easy-to-use wardrobe smell removers.


Conclusion: Your Search For Best Closet Odor Absorber Ends!

Now you know the possible reason behind that musty smell in your closet and have found the best closet smell eliminator, "StankStix".

It's time to say goodbye to your closet's musty smell. Check out StankStix.

Marketing EvenDigit
Marketing EvenDigit

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