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by Marketing EvenDigit February 22, 2023 5 min read

Hey, there, fellow soccer players and enthusiasts! 

We all know that playing soccer can be a thrilling experience, but dealing with the odor that comes with sweaty soccer cleats is definitely not something we look forward to.

You may have tried countless ways to deodorize soccer cleats but didn't succeed 100%. Worry not! 

From today you will enjoy a clean pair of soccer cleats as this blog will share some effective as well as secret ways to remove the smell from soccer cleats. 

Ready to learn the smartest ways to remove odor from soccer cleats? Let's get started.

Understanding the Source: What Leads To Stinky Soccer cleats?

Identifying the source of the smell in soccer cleats is important because it allows you to effectively clean and deodorize your shoes. Simply masking the smell with sprays or powders won't solve the underlying problem.

By identifying the source of the smell, you can take the appropriate steps to clean your soccer cleats and eliminate the odor. This not only improves the overall hygiene and cleanliness of your shoes but also helps to extend their lifespan. 

Ignoring the source of the smell can allow it to persist and become more difficult to eliminate over time, which may lead to the need for more drastic measures, such as replacing the shoes altogether.

What's Responsible For Smelly Soccer Cleats?

When you sweat, the moisture gets trapped inside the shoes, providing a perfect environment for odor-causing microorganisms to grow and thrive. 

Bacteria and fungi thrive in this warm and moist environment and begin to break down sweat. As they do so, they release odor-causing compounds, including ammonia and organic acids, that build up over time and lead to a persistent and unpleasant smell.

This can be exacerbated by poor ventilation, wearing shoes without socks, or not allowing shoes to dry completely between wears.

It's important to take proper steps to clean and deodorize soccer cleats to eliminate the odor and prevent it from returning. We are sharing some effective ways on how to get the smell out of soccer cleats in the next section.

4 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Clean Soccer Cleats

Hey, there, soccer enthusiasts! Let's face it, keeping your soccer cleats clean can be a challenge. But fear not; here are four easy methods to make your kicks look new.

  • Regular Cleansing

One of the effective ways to remove the smell from soccer cleats is by cleansing them regularly. By doing so, you can eliminate any buildup of sweat and dirt that can contribute to the growth of odor-causing microorganisms.

If you want your soccer cleats to stay in top shape, clean them after every game. This will help to remove any dirt and sweat that may have accumulated during play and minimize the risk of bacteria and fungal growth.

Clean cleats using mild soap and warm water, then thoroughly dry them after removing dirt and debris. This can be accomplished by either using a towel or allowing your cleats to air-dry in a well-ventilated area.

  • Using GloveStix Products

Yes, the famous odor-removing stix, which got their popularity after its inventor brought those in the famous TV show "Shark Tank". 

Introducing the amazing GloveStix and StankStix - the superheroes of odor management! 

These award-winning,patented deodorizers are the ultimate solution for your stinky soccer cleats. Pop them in and let them work their magic - absorbing moisture, eliminating odors, and stopping 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth on the product surface for an incredible 10 years.

The secret to their incredible powers lies in the amazing antimicrobial plastic infused with Silver Seal™ Technology. This wonder material not only eliminates odor-causing bacteria within 24 hours, but it also destroys the stink they leave behind! 

And the best part? It's all-natural, non-toxic, and a safe alternative to those harsh chemical sprays. With a lifespan of 10 years, these super Stix are truly a miracle of modern odor-fighting technology.

how to get smell out of soccer cleats

  • Using Baking Soda

Using baking soda is also one of the best ways to deodorize soccer cleats. It is a natural soccer cleat odor remover that can help absorb and neutralize the bad odors in your soccer cleats. 

To use it, sprinkle some baking soda inside your cleats and let it sit for a few hours or overnight. The longer you leave it in, the better it will work to remove the odor. Once the baking soda has had time to work its magic, it's important to clean it out of your cleats thoroughly. 

If any residual baking soda remains inside your cleats, tap it out with a damp cloth and wipe it with a damp cloth. This will ensure that your cleats are fresh, clean, and ready to wear for your next game or practice.

  • Air Drying

There is a simple and effective solution that doesn't require any fancy equipment or harmful chemicals. All you need is time and patience to air-dry your cleats.

First, remove the insoles and any excess dirt or debris from your cleats. Then, place them in a well-ventilated area, such as a sunny spot outside or near an open window. Avoid putting them in a closed space, such as a closet or a shoebox, as it can trap moisture and make the smell worse.

Let your cleats dry for at least 24 hours or until they are completely dry. This will help eliminate the odor-causing bacteria and leave your cleats smelling fresh and clean.

By using the air-drying method, you not only get rid of the unpleasant odor but also extend the life of your cleats by avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals. Give it a try, and you'll be amazed at how simple and effective it is.

Why Using a Soccer Cleat Odor Remover Is The Smartest Move?

Using a soccer cleat odor remover can make a big difference in the longevity and freshness of your cleats. Not only will it eliminate any unwanted odors, but it will also help prolong your cleats' life. 

By removing any built-up bacteria, the remover can prevent premature deterioration of the material, meaning you can get more use out of your cleats.

Using a soccer cleat odor remover is also a smart move for hygiene reasons. Bacteria can lead to infections, and no player wants to risk that. It's essential to keep your gear clean to protect yourself and your team.

Investing in a soccer cleat odor remover is a small but significant step toward improving the quality of your soccer experience. If you haven't already, consider adding it to your gear bag and keep your cleats smelling fresh and clean.

Conclusion: Say Goodbye To Stinky Soccer Cleats with GloveStix

Now you know how to fix smelly soccer cleats. As with the four ways mentioned above, you can easily clean soccer cleats and remove odor from soccer cleats.

But among these, using Glovestix products will be the easiest and most effective way and will not require any extra effort. With their patented silver ion antimicrobial technology, GloveStix andStankStix work quickly and effectively to neutralize the odor, leaving your cleats and other athletic gear smelling fresh and clean. 

Say goodbye to stinky soccer cleats and check out GloveStix today. Don't let stinky gear hold you back from performing at your best.

Marketing EvenDigit
Marketing EvenDigit

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