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Being a boxing enthusiast, you know how it feels like slipping your hands inside those stinky gloves until you finish your training session, and the stink haunts you even after removing the gloves.

And not just that, most of the time, you cannot find the real culprit behind this annoying stink. You keep thinking about why your boxing gloves smell bad and how you can prevent them from stinking badly.

Let’s find out the causes behind that rotten egg-like smell from your boxing gloves and preventive measures.

Why do my boxing gloves smell bad?

The stench that comes from your stinky boxing gloves is an odor of bacteria growth. Yes, bacteria breeding inside your boxing gloves causes a highly unpleasant smell. Because at every training session, you sweat a lot, but most of the time, you don’t let your gloves properly dry after using them. And this moisture promotes bacteria growth in your boxing gloves.

The situation worsens when you put your boxing gloves into your gym bag to avoid this situation because the warm, dark environment helps the bacteria and germs thrive. The closed gym bag provides an extremely fertile environment for stink because it prevents the moisture/sweat of your gloves from drying.

How to keep my boxing gloves from stinking?

At first, you need to take out your boxing gloves from your gym bag and let them dry entirely to prevent them from developing more odor-causing bacteria. But, airing your boxing gloves is only a preventative step that will help with light use.

For heavy glove use, airing them will not be enough. You have to take some steps to get rid of that annoying stink, including:

1. Wash Your Hands Before Every Use

Washing hands is very common, but it’s a very important preventative measure you can take to keep your gloves from smelling like a rotten egg. Hands carry so many germs and bacteria, and when you slip them on your boxing gloves, the bacteria directly get into the gloves and start growing. That’s why you always need to wash your hands and let them dry completely before slipping them into your boxing gloves.

2. Wipe Your Boxing Gloves After Every Use

Wiping your gloves is surely one of the best ways to keep your boxing gloves from stinking badly. Take a clean towel and wipe your gloves from inside and out after every use. Doing this will reduce the amount of moisture/sweat from your gloves and prevent further growth of odor, causing germs and bacteria.

3. Avoid putting your boxing gloves in your bag

Now, you know that keeping your boxing gloves immediately inside your gym bag promotes bacteria breeding, so you should avoid it. Instead, you can put your boxing gloves into a plastic bag after every use, take them out when you reach home, and let them air dry. Once they get completely dry, it is safe to keep them in your bag.

4. Use Hand Wraps to Avoid Gloves Stink

Using hand wraps is probably one of the best methods to absorb the sweat from your boxing gloves and prevent them from getting damp. Hand wraps work like a sponge that absorbs the moisture from your gloves inside padding. However, keep your hand wraps clean regularly. Otherwise, they will start stinking, and ultimately your gloves will start stinking as well.

Conclusion: Remove Smell from Boxing Gloves using Glovestix

Keeping your boxing gloves clean is not a tough software code to crack. It is very simple with these steps. Still, if your boxing gloves smell bad, you can try using Glovestix to absorb odor & moisture and eliminate odor-causing bacteria from your boxing gloves.

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