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I Almost Quit... Many Times!

What people don't see that goes on behind the scenes and the many times I contemplated quitting!
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3 Years In Business Baby!!

This past week was GloveStix 3 year anniversary and I just realized, wow, I have so much to celebrate… how cool!!
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Celebrating an Anniversary Today!

One year ago, today, I took the largest leap of my life. I filmed my episode of Shark Tank!

 The doors opened, and I walked down the long hallway to the set of Shark Tank having no idea what the next 45 minutes would look like. I stood in the spot marked with an “X” and waited while all the Sharks just stared back at me.  

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Embrace The Hard!

This memory of these pics popped up in my news feed. It was 3 years ago in April that we started filming a kick starter video for glovestix. I didn’t even have product yet... just a prototype but I remember how excited I felt!! I was inventing something... what the heck?! That so insane!
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GloveStix and ShoeStix: Not a stinky story!

Over the past year, Krista has won several more awards for her entrepreneurship and successful small business and that gave her the courage to go after the big guns. November 5th, 2017 Krista’s segment of Shark Tank aired and she was able to negotiate a deal with two sharks, Lori Greiner and Alex Rodriguez, on national television.
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Krista Woods & GloveStix visits Capital Hill

It’s not every day you get invited to Capital Hill to meet with your Congresswoman about inspiring young woman to embrace your strengths and fight through the fear that limits your potential!
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